AcaWiki, la democratización del conocimiento académico

Hace unos días se lanzó el proyecto ‘AcaWiki: Democratization of Academic Knowledge‘ [AcaWiki, la Democratización del Conocimiento Académico], un proyecto que intenta ser una Wikipedia para las investigaciones académicas. Según se expresa en el sitio de AcaWiki su misión es hacer más accesible e interactiva la investigación académica permitiendo que los usuarios puedan publicar y discutir online resúmenes de artículos (papers) académicos. En el lanzamiento de prensa se expresa que:

“AcaWiki’s work follows on the work of open-access publishers such as the Public Library of Science, as well as on the tradition of using new media to create public dialogue with science. Currently, it can cost up to $35 to download an academic paper—a significant cost, especially because thorough research on any topic usually entails downloading many papers. AcaWiki’s approach takes advantage of the fact that copyright does not apply to ideas, only to the written expression of those ideas. Scholars can thus post summaries of their or others’ research online as long as they are not copying verbatim beyond what fair-use laws permit. John Seely Brown, former head of the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center and a leader in the open education movement, says, “AcaWiki complements [the movement’s] work and opens a whole new dimension of making research accessible to the public.”

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