One Laptop per Child vs One PC-lab Per School II

Luego de los sucesos iniciales, nos pusimos en contacto directamente con la gente de FAIR en Noruega para saber algo más de sus críticas a OLPC. La posición de FAIR está expresada sintéticamente en sus dos publicaciones: [1] Scathing criticism from FAIR for “One Laptop Per Child” y [2] FAIR suggests improved solution for OLPC and Negroponte. Uno de los puntos que más me impresionó fue justamente la acusación de falta de ética a la gente del MIT y, sobre todo, al proyecto OLPC. La gente de FAIR expresa que:

“MIT and OLPC unethical

Three years ago Negroponte publicly announced that he would make a video projector for a hundred dollars, although subsequent events proved that he could not. If there is only a fifty-fifty chance of OLPC succeeding, we believe it is irresponsible and unethical for MIT and OLPC to recommend the project to LDCs as aggressively as they are doing.” … “Every year in the west we destroy tens of millions of PCs which are far better than OLPC and which would cost not much more than a tenth of OLPC to put to use in developing countries. This is established technology which can run the latest software and get the recipients up to western levels of IT technology without delays. In the present circumstances this is a far better alternative. For western organisations such as MIT, OLPC and their sub-contractors to benefit by transferring expensive and risky technology to the world’s poorest countries, without any documented need for it, looks like exploitation to those of us who are really committed to global aid work.”

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